At Noor Capital, we take great pride in educating our clients and partners as we believe that the more you learn, the better trader you become. Learn how the market works with our sentimental and technical analysis, and learn about market concepts and strategies.

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When you trade with Noor Capital, you decide how you wish to learn. We offer Education for Beginners or Novice Traders, and Education for Advanced Traders. From basic lessons to advanced concepts to ensure your success.

World Money Expo 2017 - Doha, Qatar

Visit our Booth and access trading tools which allows you to utilize EAs [Expert Advisors] and exceptional trading technologies. You also have access to insightful information on how to use Economic Calendars and Charts.


Our Tutorials are designed to help you understand the financial markets and to develop your trading knowledge and skills. You may also attend our free webinars and interact with our experts.


Our Frequently Asked Questions are listed questions and answers, all commonly asked in the Online Trading context, and pertaining to the same topic and our trading services.

My account manager is always quick to address any issues. And if he can't fix them, he finds someone who can. Balanced between ease of use and power features, the Noor Capital website provides an excellent user experience. I was so self-limiting of my thoughts about trading, but the daily technical analysis newsletter provides great help with my trading decisions. Amazing how that really helps!

Richard Greene

Hotel General Manager, Dubai